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One Solid Thing

Good Way To Understand One Solid Thing

Roman Catholicism is a good way to understand that there is One Solid Thing in relation to God and religion. Roman Catholicism represents the most porous of doctrines and yet has enjoyed tremendous success among mankind. It is not solid and easily seen as false and all because the One Solid Thing is ignored and/or misrepresented. God is the basis for the One Solid Thing and that one thing is His word. Men and/or women are the basis or origin for all the other beliefs and Roman Catholicism occurred very simply as indicated below. It is very clear and obvious to anyone who looks closely without prejudice but like a dense fog to those who trust others.

One Solid Thing - God's Word

God is perfectly clear about everything. All the critical events related to God’s plan important to what life is all about since Genesis 3.15 are provided in detail. For some strange reason Roman Catholicism is not an event explained in His word. The One Solid Thing you can trust – God’s Word – never mentions Roman Catholicism in name or in principle and knows nothing of their many doctrines and practices. Almost, if not perfectly true is that Roman Catholicism is the EXACT OPPOSITE of the doctrine of Christ. This is detailed in, “What Is Life All About?” Other good places would be:

Catholicism is inconceivable deception and spiritual destruction
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One Solid Thing - God's Word Explained

Considering what is at stake you should not take your belief regarding life casually. Regardless of what you currently believe, in consideration of the possibility of eternity you need to know if there is something true, something solid that you can count on.

So what do I do?

  • Should I Associate with some religion?
  • Generally should I believe in God’s existence?
  • Which god should I believe in?
  • Should I perhaps believe in all god’s, in all religions?

  • If you avoid thinking about the next life you may be one who believes your existence ends when you die. Or you could believe there is no one religion that holds some sort of special key to a successful next life. Actually if you avoid thinking about life, your purpose, and seeking God then you do not have a love of the truth. Most people are living this life FOR THIS LIFE and trying to succeed in the present existence. This is normal but there needs to be much more because life is ultimately not about this life. Fortunately, not everyone lives exclusively for now – some desire the truth and are seeking God. If there was One Solid True Thing that was critically important, of course you as a truth seeker would want to know.
    So what should you do? Well, you do not need the things listed above but simply seek the truth and find it. Many people need to begin by throwing out the idea that there is no truth or that it is impossible to find. These are very popular ideas but they have no basis except serve as easy, expedient answers and wishful thinking. They are the enemy in a world so confused about God and religion that FEW will be successful.

    God’s Word Versus Synthetic Religion

    This page discusses the one solid thing and does it in relation to one thing that has absolutely no foundation. As mentioned above, the simplest religion to show as fabricated by men is Roman Catholicism. That does not mean it is easy leave Catholicism. The people of this belief are well indoctrinated. They have their priests and their apologists to logically present their doctrine and make its history appear believable. Roman Catholicism is the darkest spot in the plan of God and has resulted in many false Christian religions such as the Protestant churches as well as many non-Christian religions. A very strong case can be made for Catholicism being a contributing factor in Mohammed’s creation of Islam. Catholicism has been a significant factor in people viewing religion as mysterious, murderous, cruel, power seeking and thus dangerous. These people often become Atheistic or Agnostic. All these confusions have led people away from the truth, to create new religions, or to condemn all religions. The mis-handling of God’s word has its dire consequences and there is no excuse but as Jesus said the blind lead the blind and both fall into the pit.
    Those who understand God and His purpose will appreciate and comprehend the things discussed here. Many others will not because of their attitudes, especially because of their pride which looks at everything from their point of view.

    There is One Solid Thing and it is what God laid out as His plan and delivered so carefully to man. People who love the truth look to what God has delivered and need no interpretation or filtering by men. Roman Catholicism has made the simplicity of the doctrine of Christ inconceivably complex as a result of its many councils and much rule-making. The one solid terrible thing of Roman Catholicism is its attenuation of that which God placed as essential – namely His word. Catholics claim only they can interpret scripture and that the scriptures plus the Catholic Church has authority to make / revise the rules. This amounts to the height of disrespect for God. The warnings in this area or category related to handling God’s word are the most severe in the Bible. Changing God’s word, adding to or taking away from it are reprehensible. Also, preaching another gospel has its special curse (Galatians 1.6-9). God is serious about His word because souls are at stake. God hates six things, yea seven are an abomination to Him. Four of the seven relate to false teaching. Most people do not know the origins of their doctrines, but if asked if the doctrines were consistent with the Bible they would say, YES! There is a lot of selfish, dangerous deceit in the religious world and those who are not lovers of the truth fall prey.

    The Contrast

    Contrast the religions of the world with God’s word. God’s word allows you to simply read and understand:

  • HERE is what to do to be in the body of Christ
  • HERE is the organization and mission of the church
  • HERE is God’s purpose for creation
  • HERE is God’s plan to end the world
  • HERE is how you are to live your life to be successful
  • HERE is how everything that God has done fits perfectly together

  • God means what He says and says what He means. Jesus told the Jews, “unless you believe I am He you will die in your sins” and to the rich young ruler to leave all he had and follow after Him. Can you imagine the explanations that one would give today to lessen the impact of these things. God uses plain speak and the listeners do not like the implications and so is it any surprise that people reject God’s word?

    Why has Roman Catholicism brought all this complexity, all this confusion? Well, because:

  • When there is no pope in the Bible
  • When the doctrine of Christ has no position of priest or reason for such
  • When the Bible discusses sin much differently than mortal and venial sins
  • When the Bible contains no such doctrine as original sin, no such doctrine as Purgatory
  • When there is no mass in the Bible or actual presence of Christ in the bread and fruit of the vine
  • When in the Bible the churches are local with no central authority
  • When the Bible condemns adding to and taking away from God’s word and the Catholic church makes thousands of additions and subtractions
  • When all these things are problems for Roman Catholicism in modern times they must provide some answers and thus the need for apologists. In early Catholic times they simply tortured, imprisoned or murdered those who questioned.
    So, the obvious, when there is no pope or such an office in the Bible it is because THERE IS NO SUCH OFFICE. It is not difficult to conclude Roman Catholicism was created by men. It would seem the only difficult thing would be understanding how such a doctrine survived scrutiny. All I can say about today’s Catholic’s is that they are well indoctrinated, they have some powerful, well-thought-out, emotional doctrines and a history that is designed to convince. Catholicism today appears to be a force for good in the world and thus similar to any number of humanitarian, charitable organizations. There are sufficient reasons to remain a Catholic such as your friends, the priest in your parish is so helpful, we are doing good for the needy, and there is a history of Catholic saints, martyrs and many miracles and in addition there are millions of Catholics. There is a better reason to seek the truth about life, God’s purpose and what God requires to be successful. The reason: your eternal success and others you can help. You will be sure because God’s word in its consistency, its Divine character is overwhelming and YOU will understand it without the help of teachers, whose mission is to preserve Catholicism.

    The One Solid Thing – God’s Word provides truth but EVERYTHING ELSE is a fabrication. God was very specific in saying this:

    Romans 3:4

    4 Certainly not! Indeed, let God be true but every man a liar. As it is written: “That You may be justified in Your words, And may overcome when You are judged.”

    There is great wisdom in following God’s word and the seriousness of that can be seen in the verse above, “let God be found true but every man a liar.” So the religions of the world follow the doctrines of men and God has warned us repeatedly that is a bad idea, the wrong road.

    When it is not in God’s word it is from men/women and this is the most important distinction you can make.
    From God or from man is the distinction and in spiritual matters following men/women is exactly what God abhors and it will be eternally costly.

    Do you think that Protestantism has brought unity? Hardly, but just more and different division. There is one place for truth and it is God’s word and I do not mean SAYING you follow the Bible but actually following the Bible. There is a huge difference.
    Almost everything God has done is mistaken by men except by those who love the truth, those who love God. This is the essence of God’s plan to sort those who love Him from those who love themselves and the world. Religion (the religions of men/women) becomes a great obstacle to your eternal success.

    The One Solid Thing

    The One Solid Thing is God’s word and that makes sense because life is about the soul, about your eternity and God’s word is there to tell you HOW to be successful. All of the doctrines of man are a hindrance because they confuse you when all you really need is the simple truth. Look at how powerful God’s word is in providing you with what you need! God emphasizes the power of His word and strongly rejects, condemns the doctrines of men because they do not provide you with a successful end. Below is God’s word in conversion and it is the One Solid Thing you need. You can count on God’s word whereas you generally do not know the origin of anything else religiously. As always, what you believe is either from God or from man and the latter has absolutely no value. God did not abandon truth seekers to the whims of men but nonetheless many people choose the wisdom of men. Frequently, people believe men speak for God but that is where you need a love of the truth because otherwise which man, which doctrine would you believe. This is exactly the position the world currently resides – religious confusion and God makes it clear by saying in 1 Corinthians 14.33 that He is not the author of confusion. Follow His word and there is no confusion. In this world you may not think that is possible, but indeed it is very real and occurs around the world in churches organized as the New Testament specifies.
    Believe no man, including me in matters related to your eternity.

    God's word in conversion

    I strongly urge you to look at these verses and their context because they indicate God’s truth is found in His word and thus contain the wisdom of God in relation to your eternity. God wants you to succeed!

    There are many verses that point to God’s word as the vehicle for providing man what he needs. The verses above are just a few so lets look at one more:

    2 Timothy 4:2-4

    2 Preach the word! Be ready in season and out of season. Convince, rebuke, exhort, with all longsuffering and teaching.
    3 For the time will come when they will not endure sound doctrine, but according to their own desires, because they have itching ears, they will heap up for themselves teachers;
    4 and they will turn their ears away from the truth, and be turned aside to fables.

    Preach the word, it does not say preach what the Catholic church teaches or any church or any man teaches. Preach the word!
    If there were a different source of authority than God’s word it should be indicated EVERYWHERE in scripture. In fact there is no other authority other than God’s word which was delivered as promised by Jesus to His disciples by the Holy Spirit being confirmed by signs and wonders. God’s word is the One Solid Thing!

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