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Eastern Religions

hugh statue of Shiva

The Eastern religions are quite old and when it comes to validity that might seem to be a good thing. However, due to their age most were more “honest” in their beginnings. They have little or no connection with the Divine and admit it. Their knowledge claim is human wisdom. The result when it comes to spiritual matters is just conjecture, opinion, logic. Ideas like reincarnation, karma are strange inventions in the search for something beyond death. Many of the equally error-filled religions of more modern times involve some message from God and that is their connection to truth. Islam, Mormonism and many more follow this path to authority. Buddhism which is currently the world’s 4th largest religion has a simple story of a man, Buddha and his enlightenment from very determined experiences and open-mindedness. Truly he gained a wisdom of life that is unique but not all that different from other men with similar determination and motives. Indeed, his wisdom has broad appeal but it is not spiritual in the sense of man’s purpose, the creation of all things, and the true nature of man as an eternal being. If there is no connection to or even an awareness of life after the body dies the religion at best is good for your bodily existence. If physical existence was all there was to life it would not matter which “religion.” In fact it would not matter how you lived your life. To put some substance to living a good life, there are scenario’s such as reincarnation to make life meaningful. Something was needed and this idea fits the need but again without some greater power than any man directing the idea, why should you believe it? Actually if it were not for the Bible there would be nothing of substance and selecting one religion over another would not matter. The Bible begins with purpose and contains consistent purpose throughout despite many authors over many centuries.

Compare the beginning of the Bible with any other religion and you can do that quickly by reading, “Adam, Eve, the Devil and The Purpose of Life.” As you understand God, as He has purposely revealed Himself you will better understand His methods. Behind His methods is His purpose and it includes determining who will spend eternity with Him. The manner He reveals everything is amazing and perfectly aligned with His purpose. Truth seekers can find answers because of their attitude. One person sees the first three chapters of Genesis and considers it a nice story or a fabrication while others see the purpose of life. All scripture is this way and it rewards people who are truth seekers, open-minded, humble and forgiving persons. How can that be? Well, it is because the design is from God and every bit as perfect as the existence, creation of everything we observe.

Comparing Religions – Simplified

You indeed get agreement between religions as the picture above would indicate since they all have man searching for inner peace. Their methods may vary somewhat but there is not one way demanded. Their gods are not offended by other religious beliefs because they essentially have no god, no creator at least in any dogmatic manner.
Some of the Eastern religions are summarized in charts if you go to, “Religious Comparison Charts” you will find a very brief comparison of religions including Hinduism, Buddhism, and Taoism. The basis of comparison is their origin and thus conclusions relative to their potential for Spiritual (next life) truth. It is not necessary to study all the beliefs, doctrines to determine at a high level their spiritual (next life) value. Is there a solid connection to the creator? Of course many people of the Eastern beliefs do not believe in an ultimate God, a Creator. A very simple consideration in answer to the question of an ultimate deity can be found by reading a short post called, “Existence.”

Why would anyone follow any of these Eastern religions?

Their popularity turns out to be very humanistic. There is a certain direction to one’s life pointed out by Eastern Religions but it is almost more of a recommendation for earthly happiness. There is little disallowed or punished in these groups and so it is very appealing in its freedom. That same freedom opens the door for a certain serenity, peace in life within the practices (like meditation) of these groups. There is often a sense where man is god and the real God, the creator is not in the center, in focus for these groups. As usual the confusion seen in most of the world’s religions serves to STRENGTHEN THE POSITIVE PERCEPTION OF EASTERN RELIGIONS which promote inner peace versus cruelty, violence, hierarchies and rule making.

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