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Church And State

This page is taken from my book, “What Is Life All About?” Specifically this page is from chapter 40.6 called, “Existence: The First Understanding.”

Costly Teaching for Children and for a Nation

Many want a world without God because they want to do what they will without being accountable. Unfortunately, they have taught their ungodly theories to others beginning with children, and of course, there is acceptance from young minds and from adults who many times do not want to be accountable or are overwhelmed and accepting of popular science.
The book (“What Is Life All About?“) is largely devoted to the wisdom of God, the purpose of God, and how the Bible is a book that is not from man. The Bible provides the answer to what life is all about and it turns out to be about you and your eternity and not about science. God created science as part of our existence. It is wrong to misuse science to teach that God is not the answer to creation. Theories are OK but pathetic when they are poor science, and teaching them as the best we know can be misleading. Teach what we know and can prove and in fact has been proven. It is interesting we do not want to teach children that “in the beginning God” because we are:
• To be a nation that separates church from state
• To be a nation that does not have God in our government or more correctly is trying to remove God from our government. We do this since we might offend someone by favoring God or a given religion.
At one point in time in our country, we had an intelligent leadership; certainly, we did as pointed out in chapter 42.2 (“What Is Life All About?“) under the title “America’s Moral Foundation.” The nation prospered and gradually fulfilled the dream of those who began this nation. Gradually we are sinking back into a greedy, self-serving society that accepts every sinful thing, and those things will destroy our society. The central thing in the success of America was that God was there in name and principle. It was a nation where there would be freedom of belief and the basic principles were Christian – bible principles. God exalts such nations and for the first time since the first century the table was set for the restoring of the church wherein people were saved. The basis would be the scriptures and not the hierarchical rule of Catholicism or the many Protestant groups. So along with this true freedom and an emphasis on bible principles, America quickly (over a short period of 200+ years) rose above other nations but note the verse below indicates that sin is a reproach to any people and a subsequent decline can be expected for a nation that approves sin. How can America have a preference for one religion? America cannot but Americans can and subsequently those principles in a democratic society can prevail. Why would America want to follow bible principles? Because life is not about this life but about your soul, your eternity and the very best principles for a nation are those that come from God – the God of the bible. You will die and having lived in a society where God is respected provides you the best chance to succeed in the next life (find, obey, live the truth).

Proverbs 14:34

34 Righteousness exalts a nation, But sin is a reproach to any people.

What We Do Not Want


Separating church from state is, of course, a good thing. Separating God from our thinking, from our principles of operating this country is not wise because it is all about God, and it is all about the God of the Bible. We accept all religions; we espouse freedom of religion, and that is good. If a religion would support anarchy or a hundred different problematic things, we would not want those principles to guide us even if we were to foolishly allow that group freedoms. In the scope of a nation that is intelligent and moral, there should never be support for harmful things. However, a godless society will be open to all kinds of harmful things.

Our history: not being ashamed to be one nation under God

The God of the Bible was behind the beginning of this United States. That is, it was on the minds of those who were our Forefathers, and they were not ashamed but bold in proclaiming such. Our heritage made us strong because there were truly godly principles in our beginnings. The need to separate church from state was the result of the Catholic tyranny of nations of the previous centuries.

The Reason for Separation of Church and State
The Evolution of Catholic States


We can have separation of church from state and allow religious freedom and still be “one nation under God.” We can be as were our Forefathers, one nation under the true God. We would in no way be violating the sense of church and state separation that concerned our nation’s Forefathers. Their concern was for a specific church exercising control over nations. The Roman Catholic Church, for instance, directed nations. People can live in America and not believe in God, and they have the freedom to do that. It does not mean that the laws of the land must be godless in nature. It’s “funny” how we would destroy our nation to satisfy the whims of godless individuals. America is a nation where the majority makes the rules, but I doubt our “Forefathers” would have ever conceived of a godless nation, as that was not the principle used in creating the nation.
Now, I would strongly suggest that one thing bringing us to the point of a godless nation is the teaching of our children things that are theory, such as the big bang theory and the theory of organic evolution. It will be to our destruction as a nation. Again, teach what we know as true (not theories), and then allow the listeners to come to the correct conclusion.

Back to what matters

I have said this before and despite the hope to avoid the decline of America, it ultimately will not matter. Nevertheless, I wish America possessed the godly principled character of our Forefathers because that supports God’s purpose. What matters is your individual battle with sin. Your life will end, and whether America even exists will not be important. Your eternal existence will be important to you. That outcome will be determined based on how you lived in the body in relation to the rules contained in scripture. America will be either a help by promoting godly things or harmful to you by misleading you. Freedom of religion allows your search for truth, but the nation’s foundation on Christian principles has been its strength. It is as though the nation has to believe in all religions and thus at least to some extent support a myriad of principles. Freedom of religion should lead to the truth, but if the nation itself promotes principles more aligned with atheism as a pretext for being fair to all, it will indeed end up promoting religion, the religion of atheism. Are people blind to the fact that when we remove religion, remove God from our country’s core, we are promoting the religion of atheism? Religion is simply a belief system and there are thousands of beliefs and two of those belief systems are atheism and agnosticism.
The government of the United States in effect promotes ungodliness when in truth the strength of any nation lies in honoring God. It turns out that the Bible is from God, and living by those principles upholds a nation. So how does a nation allow religious freedom and in principle live by the precepts of one religion? If the Bible contains the singular truth of life, then it would be best thing to live by and to pattern a nation.
Bible principles were the guide for America’s beginning but now this nation is adventuring into a humanistic view that effectively rejects God. The nation should not take a stand against the founding principle of “one nation under God,” nor should it support the teaching of the religion of the theory of organic evolution and the theory of big bang.
As a nation, teach the truth that we know regarding science and leave the conclusion to the people. Some want to teach creationism side by side with theory of organic evolution and the theory of the big bang.
Again, teach what we know as factual. The idea of creationism only exists to oppose the ungodly teaching to our children of theories that are unproven and point away from God. We do not need creationism if we just had good science. Good science will point to God as creator and to God being the God of the Bible. A nation with uncertainty regarding creation can simply say we do not know, but here are some facts from science.
It is an awful thing to teach our children that there is no hope, their existence is just a result of some cosmic happening, and when they die, they are no longer in existence? They are just a happenstance in the long chain of evolution. Instead, they have a creator and a hope of a wonderful, ongoing, loving, eternal existence in a much better place. It is incredibly awful, terrible, and disgusting to teach the former because it is not the truth. The truth is the latter, and men choose an unsubstantiated and essentially meaningless definition of life. There is enough evidence just in observing the world that God declares, “The fool has said in his heart there is no God.”

One thing I have noted about bad science is that in the mystery and complexity of science, many people just accept what sounds best. They also believe the charismatic speaker who is indignant at the suggestion he/she might be wrong. Many scientists will defend their belief with new albeit unproven theories. They often really believe the premise they support but know they cannot prove it but “it must be right, it has to be right.” One of the weaknesses of many who believe the theory of organic evolution is their blind commitment to the doctrine. Like religion, they do not study for themselves but accept many things based on who said this or that or what institutions support the doctrine. If you question some aspect of the evidence that is crucial to the theory of organic evolution, you often get the answer “Evolution is already a proven fact.”

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