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Catholicism Is Inconceivable Deception and Spiritual Destruction


Catholicism Is Inconceivable Deception and Spiritual Destruction

Catholicism’s Deadly Grip On your Eternity

Perhaps the easiest of all religious deception to expose is The Roman Catholic Church. Sadly, its destructive impact has gone far beyond its own walls. Catholicism has infected many of the worlds religions with a serious plague called ERROR. Protestantism and even Islam are two of its many victims. You might say, absurd, ridiculous, impossible, beyond comprehension and yet undeniable if you love the truth. This is not wild speculation or fabrication. Catholicism represents a very long history of deceit. The leadership of Catholicism today either do not understand their history, the scriptures or more than likely have been very effectively indoctrinated. Of course, the history alone should make a person consider the validity of Catholicism but it seems to have little effect in changing the minds of their adherents. The root problem is very simply that there is absolutely NO VALIDITY IN THE ORIGIN of Catholicism – No connection with God. Secondly, there is on almost every doctrinal issue a giant difference between the first century church and Catholicism, that is between the bible and Catholic doctrine. Associated with the second issue is the very nature of Catholicism as a physical church with physical doctrines when the Church belonging to Christ is spiritual with independent local (physical) churches with a scripturally defined mission and organization. Much of the physical nature of Catholicism is associated with the Old Law, such as priests and priestly duties. The net result of Catholic teaching is the loss of that which is most precious; the souls of men and women.

Now, can all this be easily proven – beyond a reasonable doubt? The answer is YES. Can Catholic apologists provide answers for all the issues? YES! Do their answers have any merit? NO!
Can it be shown that Protestantism also suffers under the weight of Catholic association? YES.
Can it be shown that even Islam may have never come into existence had it not been for Catholicism? In this case I think it is logical, and reasonable that Catholicism was an important contributing factor if you understand the things that drove Mohammed to begin Islam.

First, I will outline very briefly the evidence. Then I will provide you with the pages from this site and others that I have written that contain overwhelming evidence. There is also a book that deals with these things in even more depth, “What Is Life All About?

Outline of Major Evidence

1) Catholicism has no basis for existing. The attempt to use Matthew 16.16-19 to justify the existence of the Catholic church has zero merit. All of what God was doing to reconcile man had one focus and that was Jesus. There could only be one head of the church and that is clearly Jesus. To believe that the church could in any way be built on Peter or any man is in total opposition to God. The following link to another page on this site provides a clear, consistent and evidential meaning for Matthew 16.16-19.
Catholicism – No where in the plan of God
No Catholic priest, bishop, archbishop, pope or catholic apologist can stand against God’s true, clear meaning of Matthew 16.16-19. Please study the material suggested above, you ought to know! The overriding error of Catholicism in their attempt to justify their existence is the same error the Jews made when Jesus was on earth. Namely, looking for the physical when God is delivering the real answer which is spiritual in nature. Jesus was building His church on the recognition of Jesus as God’s Son, as the savior. It was the Spiritual Body of Christ that is essential to the reconciliation God had revealed in Genesis 3.15. Later, in the New Testament God gradually revealed that there would be a local physical body and He defines its mission and its organization. Those in the spiritual body would join themselves with others in the physical church. These are those who had obeyed the gospel and continue the work of their head, Jesus. It was never meant to be ABOUT the physical church but about the spiritual body of Christ. It is inconceivable from scripture that any man could be the spiritual head over the church which Jesus discusses in Matthew 16.16-19. In Acts 2.47 God adds those to the church that were being saved on this first day of reconciliation. He was adding them to the spiritual body of Christ. At this time, there was still no local physical church. In fact, Jesus while on earth gives no little or no definition of the physical church. Jesus during His time on earth indicates the Holy Spirit would guide His disciples into all truth. We know one of the things the Holy Spirit reveals is the local physical church as seen in principle and in fact in the scriptures. So in summary, the local church was gradually revealed during the 1st century at the same time the word of God was being confirmed.

2) One of the exceedingly disturbing doctrines of Catholicism is in the area of original sin. This is one of the places where Protestants also fell in fabricating the doctrine of total inherited depravity. Protestant scriptural immaturity and looking over their shoulder believing there was some value in Catholic doctrine resulted in a series of doctrines that has been destructive to souls since the time of Martin Luther. Again this is fairly simple and you can easily understand God’s meaning by reading, “The Fall Of Catholicism and Protestantism In One Simple Lesson.”

3) The basic misunderstandings of scripture by Catholicism are massive. Of course, no group could make such huge mistakes and escape clear and obvious criticisms. However, if you work hard to cover up your mistakes it might very well look like Catholic theology. That is, a weaving together of assumptions, a claim to have the right to change and uniquely interpret scripture and at times arrogance, cruelty, and even a planting of miraculous events to keep their adherents “faithful.” It amounts to a well conceived means to indoctrinate their followers. I cover the many things that are just totally opposed to God’s will in various references used at this site and in my book. There is one category of error that I will mention here and it is the old physical law versus the new testament, spiritual law. Catholicism attempts to justify their organization and rule making by using the old testament. It is a most serious error and results in priests, an on-going sacrifice, elaborate ceremonies, and hundreds of others. This subject is also covered in great detail in the references.

4) God revealed the mystery and clarified everything in Christ and Jesus sent the Holy Spirit to guide the apostles into all truth. The spiritual church was revealed during the first century as was the local physical church and neither is anything like the Catholic church. In fact, the Catholic church is almost diametrically opposed on every teaching. The church is indeed important and is easily understood – The Church Belonging To Jesus. The church needs to be understood as the Kingdom – The Church Is The Kingdom

5) God made no mistakes in His creation and also made no mistakes in His plan for mankind, which was the reason for all created things. He did not leave you to the whims, the wishes, the prejudices of men and women but what He left is solid – It is the Word of God precisely delivered. It was even designed to allow you to question God’s way and that is part of the plan. So, the Catholic church in their desperation say there are two paths to the truth. These paths are the scriptures and the voice of the Catholic church which is higher because you really need a guide for the scriptures.
The truth is God had oversight of truth and when He says His words will not pass away, you can be sure they will not – God’s Oversight of Truth

These are certainly some of the most important points relative to Catholic error and nothing is needed beyond the first point ……… no pope! Catholicism really confuses the idea of Faith so it may help to read this section – Faith

My Shock

Generation after generation there are opportunities to clearly see the deceit of Catholicism. The Catholic church of my childhood is substantially different than today in terms of doctrine. Catholicism only loosens its grip when it is under pressure. We never heard of the bible when I was in the Catholic church – we had our daily missal. We also had our Catechism and these were what we used in church, and in class. Today there are bible classes and the bible is used for teaching and yet the Catholic church at one time for hundreds of years had the bible on the INDEX, which was a group of books Catholics could not read. What has changed? There became a strong desire of Catholics including Catholic priests to use the bible – everyone else had the bible, why couldn’t Catholics? Gradually, the Bible reached its current status in Catholic life. It was a two-edged sword for the Catholic church as there is clearly no authority for Catholicism within the bible and none of the Catholic doctrines are in the bible. Yet, you can twist scripture to teach what you wish but you cannot actually change the meaning.
My devotion to Catholicism was great and thus it was traumatic as I gradually found problem upon problem. The truth is easy, Catholicism is complex largely because it is always fixing, and defending the very apparent problems found in scripture. They appear solemn, organized, physically impressive, with a history of amazing miracles but one can easily see all these things are just cover-ups or distractions. I tend to believe that many today, even most of their hierarchy are also deceived. Being deceived is no crime but teaching error is very serious and hated by God. I was an award-winning altar boy (knew my Latin and excelled in my duties) and when I visited the seminary as a young boy it was with the thought of becoming a Catholic priest. Thankfully, that did not happen but it was more than 10 years later before I began to find serious problems. I just could not believe the apparent but obvious conclusion that the Catholic church was an elaborate deception.

Something to Think About, Why The Inquisition?

The atrocities of the Catholic church in the days of the Inquisition existed in various forms for over 600 years from about 1198 into the 1800’s. They are acknowledged even by Catholics because the record is so massive, undeniable and accurate with independent historical accounts. YET, it is the reason behind such activities that ought to make every Catholic think. Consider, two things:
1) There was no validation for Catholic authority so they used coercion, force and extreme brutality and murder to hide their weakness. What other reason would there be for such insanely violent and paranoid behavior?
2) Catholicism had become a rule making body from the beginning and those rules and the many more to come could not be defended. During their worst periods of cruelty many of the Catholic doctrines were invented – invented by murderers of extreme immoral character trying to protect their power. Catholics practice those same doctrines till this day. The Catholic hierarchy had power, riches, and they were not about to give them up. Catholicism NEVER had a tie to Christ’s church, if they did there would be a one-one relationship between the doctrine of Christ as we see in the New Testament and Catholic teaching.

As time has passed their apologists conceived of ways to justify all their rule-making. They did poorly but to an indoctrinated audience it works most of the time. Why, why, why were the atrocities necessary? Simply to hide, to cover up, to stop questioning before it began. So everything was brought into question even Galileo’s science.
How can anyone be a Catholic today? Catholicism has been brilliant in its deception and one common method is do some things right and be very dramatic and involve the hearts, emotions of their members. Some of the dramatic Catholic teachings involve special honor and intercession ability for Mary. They assign many honors to her. The abortion stand taken by Catholics is very emotional and indeed a correct position and I am glad they are so powerfully against this terrible practice. Yet, life is not about this or any other issue but about your soul and that is what you need to know and where you need to place your efforts. As a Christian, you would also abhor abortion but not because it is a “position of your church,” but it is a sin as defined by God. There is only one way to become a Christian and it is not by calling yourself one or by following what some organization tells you constitutes Christianity. You can receive some help in relation to becoming a Christian by looking at the Conversions of the New Testament. You can become a Christian in exactly the same way those people were added to the Spiritual body of Christ.
Leaving Catholicism may be difficult but nothing is as difficult as missing out on heaven. Participating in Catholicism will result in the loss of your soul. You will realize for eternity that there was no evidence for Catholicism AND how easily you could have known the truth had you possessed a love of the truth. All you have to do is study Matthew 16.16-19 and consider the reasoning for Peter being the head of the church. It may not be what you want to do or what you want to know but if you have a love of the truth you will make this most basic of all studies a priority. An abbreviated study of Catholicism including Peter as pope is provided at this link to a page at this site – Catholicism. Considerably more information is available on Catholicism from the book, “What Is Life All About.”

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