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Breakthrough in Life – Videos and a Book to Help

  • The Most Important Breakthrough In Life
  • The One Thing You Want To Get Right

You need to know if life has some deeper meaning, very specifically will you exist after your death?

It might be important to find out the real truth just in case the manner of your life affects how you exist for eternity. The easy thing to believe is that no one knows. Yet, how did all this happen? Why does anything exist, even the most minute piece of dust or atomic particle? A great deal of faith is required regardless if you believe in the big bang theory or if you believe in a creative intelligence as the source.
The book, “What Is Life All About” makes an extremely strong case for a creator and how religion is frequently the reason people deny the existence of God.

Regardless of your present belief you will very likely as others before you come face to face with a new and powerful paradigm. It could very easily constitute a major breakthrough in your life.

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Chapter 16 of the this book, “What Is Life All About?” discusses a variety of religions and the index for that chapter is below:

The Mess Called Religion: The Deceptions That Have So Many Under Control

Chapter 16.0 What Is Seriously Wrong with Judaism, Roman Catholicism, Protestantism, Islam, Mormonism, Jehovah’s Witnesses, Atheism/Agnostics?

16.1 What Is Seriously Wrong with Judaism?
16.2 What Is Seriously Wrong with Roman Catholicism?
16.3 What Is Seriously Wrong with Protestant Groups?
16.4 What Is Seriously Wrong with Islam?
16.5 What Is Seriously Wrong with Mormonism?
16.6 What Is Seriously Wrong with the Jehovah’s Witnesses?
16.7 What Is Seriously Wrong with Atheism/Agnosticism?
16.8 Distractions
16.9 Seriously Wrong Summary: A Thought on Islam and Mormonism

Chapter 16 is ninety-four pages in length and is consistent with the rest of the book in providing considerable supporting information for all conclusions. The basis for the judgments are always supported by a deeper overall understanding of God as He has revealed Himself. That understanding is discussed throughout the book.
The entire table of contents can be found at: What Is Life All About? Table of Contents

Simplifying Life

The following video was created to allow you to consider how simple life can be if you just want the truth about life – not what someone says is the truth – but the real, honest down-to-earth truth! Standing in the way might be what you already believe, perhaps what you were indoctrinated or persuaded to believe and of course your pride in what you currently believe. There is usually a lot to overcome and maybe nothing more important than the deception that no one knows or can know the truth about life. If and when you find the truth it will be so overwhelming that there will be no doubt. It all begins with a strong, insatiable desire to know the truth. Why would you have such a strong desire, and put forth such an effort? Simply because it might be important, it might be the most important thing in your life.

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Why Does God Exist? Video

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