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The Most Important Thing For You To Love – TRUTH

  • Then you can know and love God
  • Then you can truly help others
  • Then you will become part of the solution instead of being part of the tremendous problem that deceives the world

You might say the most important thing to love is God and although you would be ultimately correct, first you need to know which God and how to serve Him. The world is full of false god’s and false teachings about the true God. You need to have a love of the truth – God is Truth. It is deceit and pride that will be most costly to you having a successful next life and God wants you to have the truth and live it because that is the road to loving God. Consequently, if you love God you will keep His commandments and have a successful life, that is, achieve what God desires for you – Heaven.

Truth is often that which we already know. Yet for many there is less confidence in our belief’s when it comes to religion. One of the frightening things about truth is the “logical possibility” that there is a singular truth. That would appear (because of the diversity of belief’s) to mean most people have been deceived and many are continuing to deceive. A great number of people in their liberality cannot accept what the God of the bible defines narrowly as the truth. It is your pride that says MY VIEW of this point is better than God’s. The next conclusion is usually God is not the God of the bible.

Life Is A Test And You Need The Truth

Life is a test of your character. You exist for this test and God wants you to be successful. The character flaw behind your potential failure will be pride. God warns pride comes before the fall. We say, “but God can’t you see I am concerned for others in this “single truth world – you are so narrow in your acceptance.” We fail to see that what is really being said is that, “I am wiser than God, more compassionate than God.” God will say to you the same thing in principle He said to Saul, to Cain, to Aaron regarding his sons, to the Jews of Jesus time, and to many others that obedience is greater than sacrifice. First Of All Obey God and in that way show your love to the Almighty. God’s plan is narrow but you can take the message to others and have a positive impact on many.

Can My Worship To God Be Just The Way I Want To Worship?

Worship is similarly narrow since it must be according to the way God accepts.
If you worship God it must be in Spirit and Truth and to those who come near Me I must be regarded as holy. In the simplest of terms you follow God’s way or you follow your way. Very few people understand this godly principle and yet it should be apparent because once again it is YOUR WAY or THE WAY GOD DEFINES.
How in the world do you worship the Creator saying in effect, “my extremely limited knowledge way is better than the wisdom of an all-powerful, all-knowing, perfectly logical God?” Seems ridiculous, yet we justify our limited reasoning because of pride, because it is what we want. Indeed, God has a perfect test to fulfill His purpose.

How Can I Come To A Knowledge of The Truth?

Logically, I cannot conceive truths relative to the nature of God or much about creation other than it’s wonder and its obvious design. If God is the Creator, it makes sense there was not a consortium doing the creation but a singular, inconceivably powerful being. Then there would be a singular truth and a singular purpose for creation. The truth and purpose can only come from the creator and we can only know it if He reveals it.

A good link for considering your existence is within this website see, “Existence.”

A bible verse that few know in relation to the truth

This verse reveals a great deal about God and His purpose for man. People who are successful in God’s eyes are not those who faithfully believe what they are taught but look for truth and that may not be what they were taught.

2 Thessalonians 2.10

10 and with all unrighteous deception among those who perish, because they did not receive the love of the truth, that they might be saved.

So God ties your salvation to your love of the truth because He knows you need the truth. He also knows the world frequently is an obstacle to the truth inasmuch as making you believe everything else in your life is more important than God. Is what you believe religiously, the truth? I would suggest if a love of the truth has not been emphasized to you that you may be living a false religious life and that is not what you need to succeed.

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