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Reason For Eternal Regret


Getting To The Reason For Eternal Regret

The Theory Of Organic Evolution

The theory of Organic Evolution is taught to our children and it is not true and is even ridiculous. I usually stick to “thus saith the Lord” in teaching. In this case, I am going to build on what I know from God and reach an apparent conclusion but in an area where God appears to be silent. Actually, in this area of organic evolution, God is not silent in principle and there is some obvious necessary inferences. I do not know much about how terrible being lost, missing the mark truly is but God describes it in terms where any rational person would want to avoid this end. The one thing that continually haunts me is how terrible it must be to exist eternally without God, such a sense of loss. There is a indescribable cosmic difference between what God promises for those who succeed and those who fail. In the lost state you will live eternally …………….

with an awareness of all the mistakes that resulted in your failed life and those things will involve selfishness, pride, and in general a rejection of God and His word in favor of believing various men/women – essentially you did not stand on your own two feet and love the truth

(this italicized, enlarged blue text above is a reasonable inference based on what God has revealed). Many people may never search for God because they believe humankind just happened from nothing and that is pretty silly. Even more ridiculous is the belief that we evolved from apes (the theory of organic evolution). Suddenly, at some point apes begin to walk upright and evolve with physical characteristics like we know man possesses. Then as they say something else happens, man becomes much different from all animals because he can think, he has intelligence, he can be creative and pass along that knowledge to the next generation. Now, those who oppose God (the God of the bible) want you to believe that the existence of all things came from nothing, not even an atom. Yet out of nothing came something and it was in a complex ordered atomic form with what we call protons, neutrons and electrons. Then those who promote these doctrines want you to believe that out of matter came life and finally that from animals (apes) man appears and is intelligent. This is not science but “guessing and/or hoping in prejudice.” If you are eternally lost and God allows you to recall your life then if the theory of organic evolution kept you from searching for God it will seem to be unbearable folly. You will realize that you were ultimately responsible for making your eternal decision and those who misled you are also lost but there is neither compensation or comfort in that. Therefore, you never got to step one (there is a creator) in the search for truth – it is eternally regrettable. The second step would have been to discover that God is the God of the bible. Then you are on the right path but still have quite a bit of work to sort truth from error.

God Provides Straightforward Answers To Creation

God has provided answers for mankind in a way that is consistent with HIS purpose. Many people however want it to be consistent with THEIR purpose, THEIR plans and along these lines (pride versus humility) God will make an eternal separation. I would not want to be associated with or in support of such a pathetic doctrine that teaches children differently than the truth. Children need to understand there is life after death and if you think that the theory of organic evolution leads to that conclusion you could not be more wrong. Theistic evolution, so it is called is a lukewarm way of accepting the theory of organic evolution and still believing in God. God, according to theistic evolution used the process of evolution to bring man into existence. The God of heaven says he created man in His image and differently than the animals and thus theistic evolution just moves a person another step from God. It is a big step because you need to understand that God’s word is truth and delivered by God just as accurately as He delivered the physical creation. Otherwise the truths you need to have a wonderful ending will be rejected because you believe the bible is not accurate or is confusing.

Let’s see what God provides for His purpose and how He explains creation. {for a more detailed explanation of God’s purpose as He revealed see, “Adam, Eve, the Devil and the Purpose of Life”}
Genesis 1.1 begins: In the beginning, God created ………….
God explains the order of creation by dividing creation into 6 days and on that 6th day He creates man.
Man is to be much different than God’s other living creations, he is to be in the image of God. Of course, that does not mean we look like God but we have certain characteristics like God but all of those characteristics are at exceedingly lower capacities – except one. You and God are both eternal, God has given this to mankind and it will be an unspeakable curse for some and a infinitely wonderful blessing for others.
So man exists and is different according to the ancient record in Genesis and indeed man is different and God explains why, that is, man is in the image of God. From man God brings forth woman and this will be the means to continue the creation of humankind. So humankind is one kind God has given life but also to other kinds and they also continue to create other living entities after their kind.
Darwin comes along and realizes living creatures evolve (change) and this is correct. The evolution of living beings happens slowly sometimes over hundreds or thousands of years. Darwin is not satisfied with evolution within God’s kinds and extends evolution by having man appear from a different kind. To this day there is no evidence for organic evolution but a great deal of speculation. Evolution yes, but organic evolution, NO! There is tons of evidence for life evolving and people focus on these things and then “gingerly” tiptoe into the theory of organic evolution. If you are set on believing you evolved from a lower form you can reasonably convince yourself of that. However, if truth is more important to you than anything else you will not come to such a conclusion. God of course, is brilliant beyond imagination and allows things like the theory of organic evolution. God, by giving a man free will does not interfere with mankind’s folly. So, gradually the theory organic evolution itself evolves more from prejudice than science. We live in a time when science has a great deal of respect for its accomplishments, actually the accomplishments of engineering using scientific principles that are PROVEN. In the realm of theory, science postulates, proposes theory and repeats this decade after decade with newer theories. The very unfortunate part occurs when children (or adults) are taught theory as though it were fact. It is indeed regrettable to see this happen but it will be eternally regrettable to those who were fooled by this deception.

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