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It Does Not Matter

It Does Not Matter

It Does Not Matter

It does not matter what You Believe Unless It Is The Truth

People can respect what you believe but they do not have to believe it. No one should believe anyone else just because THEY believe something. You need to understand what you believe! Life is not about sincerity, conscience, virtue but it is about truth versus error in relation to your eternal existence. It might be perfectly understandable to me or you and many others to establish how life should be judged. I might say, yes this person certainly was sincere, honest and demonstrated great concern for others. That is all good but we do not make the rules. God wants persons who are sincere, honest and concerned about others but He knows and you can also know that your eternity will be based on being reconciled with God by having your sins forgiven. The free will decisions that determine your eternity will clearly demonstrate either your submission to God OR your pride in placing your confidence in yourself and/or others.
All the many, many things one might believe in relation to life have no value, no merit and will disappear as a vapor unless it is the truth. God’s test for you is directly related to your character. Your character is revealed to God and a very important characteristic is your humility. Very specifically, your realization that God and not you are at the center of all things. Yet interestingly, for God you are at the center of why He created mankind. You are very important to God.

It does not matter if you are a Catholic, a Protestant, a Mormon, a Muslim unless it is the truth.

It might matter to you, but does it matter to God? Does God accept what you believe or does He only accept the laws He put in place? Here is the sad part, people believe others when they say they know what God wants, requires, demands. People are particularly vulnerable when someone says things about God that THEY WANT TO BELIEVE. All these religions and many more were conceived by mankind and represent the opposite of what mankind needs. There is plenty of evidence of this at this and associated websites. The truth is not complicated but consists of a plan for you to succeed that fits perfectly with God’s purpose. You absolutely do not need to trust in any person and indeed should not do so.

> It does not matter if you were fooled or indoctrinated into error.

If men or women have convinced you of something that is actually against God, will God understand this and allow you acceptance? The scriptures from the beginning to the end say He will not accept less than the truth. Now, you can bemoan this and turn away and live exactly as you like or you can seek truth and not accept anything less. Few people apparently understand this is at the core of God’s test for mankind. Those who love the truth are those who God will accept, and within the truth the way of salvation is laid out before you to accept, to obey and to live. It does not matter HOW CONVINCED, HOW SURE you are in your belief. The truth is needed to put you into a relationship with God and thus into a position to achieve that which is most precious, namely heaven!!! There is one solid thing that you can hold onto wherein you can be certain and it is God’s word and not what someone says is God’s word.

> It does not matter if you were sincere in your life and following your conscience.

The conscience is not a guide or a road map. Fundamentally, it does not know what is truth and what is error. Sincerity is a good virtue to possess and indicates your dedication to something and that you are being true to what you say – you mean it. Sincerity, like conscience is no guide in determining the right thing to do. You can be sincere and following your conscience in doing the wrong thing. So, we have people of sincerity and good conscience in all religions. Are these people headed for heaven? This is not God’s way. This is the however the test. Will you believe and follow God or will you follow man? Essentially when you believe a man or a woman you are placing a person in the place of God. Many people will allow their pride (how they see things) to get in the way of the truth.

> It does not matter if you died in the furtherance of your belief unless it was the truth.

Some religious groups believe that people who die for their “faith” receive special honor. I do not know about that but I do know the people of God do all they can in service to God and only see that as their reasonable service. I do know that it does not matter that even if you die for your belief that unless your life is aligned with THE TRUTH it will have been a wasted life. Catholicism, Islam are filled with people who have died for their faith believing they did service to God. Others have believed they served God in murdering those they considered heretics. Jesus in speaking to His disciples told them there would be a time when those who would kill them would believe they were serving God. It turns out these same scenario’s would be repeated throughout history and Catholicism and Islam are good examples.

John 16:2

2 They will put you out of the synagogues; yes, the time is coming that whoever kills you will think that he offers God service.

> It does not matter if you prayed to God everyday, helped those who needed help and were unselfish in all things.

One of the easiest things to understand for those who rightly recognize that God is the God of the bible is that Jesus was necessary. There was no other way for any person to be reconciled to God because of sin. Doing all the wonderful things just mentioned will not remit a single sin. God does not save people by their praying but has designated the means for salvation. It always comes down to the same issue, namely, will you believe God or will you have a better answer, a better way?

> It does not matter if you studied the bible daily, prayed to God as the God of the bible and were essentially blameless before man.

The bible was carefully designed by God and just as carefully delivered. Most certainly, people can find fault with the scriptures because they want to but if they love the truth they can find it. God designed the truth to sort those who love the truth from those who do not. As a result you have people believing a hundred different things even if they read the scriptures everyday because it is their attitude more than their much reading. People will search the scriptures always looking for ways to confirm what they already believe. Your prayers do not come pleasing before God unless you have an advocate with the Father – Namely, Jesus. Your actions if they are not consistent with God’s commands will not be pleasing even though they may be “doing good” as the world sees “doing good.” If you teach others the gospel, it had better be the truth or you are part of the problem and not part of the solution people need.

It does not matter what excuse you have devised or what logic you are using to live ignoring God or ignoring the laws of God.

There is no excuse for failing to live the only way that God accepts. Yet there are millions of reasons to live the way you want to live and they usually involve having things your way. God demands you do things His way.

Focusing On All The Things That Do Not Matter

People spend their life’s concerned about a million things that do not matter. It will not matter if you were the best at any sport, maybe a Hall of Fame person in your sport. Any fame or power you achieve during your lifetime has exactly ZERO value in the next life. God will see you had a valid relationship with his Son or that you did not – it is that simple. You might think if that is the case, there will not be many in heaven. You are correct, heaven is not a right, but God’s gift to those who are forgiven by obedience to the faith and continue serving God until death.
There is only one answer to all theses things that do not matter and that is simply understanding God had a plan and all things are working in fulfillment of that plan.
All men have sinned, and God’s plan was to allow all men the possibility to recover from sin so they could spend eternity with Him. You cannot achieve that by creating in your own mind what will satisfy God. It should be obvious that if such were possible the terrible sacrifice of God’s Son would not have been necessary. So, every person will decide to follow God or follow after their own way or in other words follow pride. It does not matter what you think is right and that is the essence of your test. People do no like what God says in the bible and normally because it could interfere with their life or may be in conflict with the way they think God should view life.
Here is the problem – It Does Matter What YOU Believe and It Does Not Matter What YOU Think Is Right. Therefore, believe the right thing even if it is difficult, even if it is currently in opposition to what you currently believe.

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  • Shane Ailu

    in April 28th, 2012 @ 03:51

    What is really Mother Mary’s role in the church?

  • alanpg

    in September 21st, 2012 @ 10:48

    Mary, Jesus earthly mother has no role in the church. The whole idea is post the New Testament and thus invented by humankind. Catholics accept these things because they accept that Peter was the pope, also post the New Testament. No such office, responsibility in the church. The scriptures in every regard are the opposite of any such office. Look at the section on Catholics for a full and easy understanding of this issue. Catholics claim the right to change what God has delivered, sort of a continuum of revelation. Thus, they can do anything including inventing a role for Mary.