Friday, 19 of January of 2018


Thanks for visiting this site, this page is the introduction. Although it is titled Catholic’s Question, many religions will be discussed. Each religion you are seriously considering should evoke one question, although that question can be asked in various ways. The question could be stated as:

  • Is this religion based on some Divine interventions or just some men / women determining a good way to live?
  • Is this the true religion? How can I know for certain?

Of course a person may believe one religion is as good as another and then the question would be, “Is this religion as good as any other.”

Also, many people may just want to know if there is a God and they might look to this or that religion for that answer.

I have no motive except to search for truth and was open minded enough to believe there was no God or on the other hand to find there was just one God, one true religion. Every person realizes the possibility that what we do in this life can effect our eternal existence, that is, if we have existence after death. This possibility alone could drive a strong desire to find the truth. Here is the strange part of this study: It was not all that hard to find that which “connects all the dots” but many people have distorted the truth to their own advantage. The history of religion is responsible for great confusion and complication resulting in an overwhelming mess. This has become so prevalent that many people doubt there is any truth. In other words, on one hand you are being influenced by “false religionists” and on the other hand by highly prejudiced “anti-religionists” so ultimately you decide to get involved in a search for truth or you commit to avoid anything religious. In todays world, the latter is becoming increasingly dominate.

I am not currently at this writing planning to do much blogging, just provide information in terms of pages. Eventually once the basic pages are developed I will do some blogging and answer questions. Of course I will respond to any questions asked from the Page comment section as they arrive.

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