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Fairness and Justice


Fairness and Justice

Indeed justice varies greatly around the world. In one case you might expect absolutely no justice but privilege rules. In another country you might commit terrible crimes and yet avoid justice on some technicality. So our expectations vary but God’s justice is perfect – no privilege, no technicalities. The law of God is clear and you need to understand it. Even your lack of understanding around God’s law is no excuse.You might say that is not fair because I did not know. One of God’s rules is to have a love of the truth so you might be saved. Well, you do not even know that rule! Where do you spend your time. Have you not taken the time to contemplate your life? You have trusted others and believed and been influenced by others. You need the truth! Actually, you can understand this and many things about God as He has revealed himself. There is help for your concerns, your questions, and this book can help, ““What Is Life All About?”.”


“Looking Good” to Men, not God

One quite common belief of many people is the essentiality of providing certain fairness, certain leveling the ground for all the “players” of life. In the sport of “golf,” there is the handicap system allowing lesser players in some tournaments an improved chance of winning against better golfers or allowing competition of like-capability players. There are certain local basketball tournaments that limit the player’s height for different divisions. High schools normally compete athletically in divisions depending on their enrollment. Various sports have these handicapping systems, but at the higher levels of sports, there are little or no provisions made for any shortcomings. We try in government to provide for the less fortunate of society. In elections, there are attempts to equalize the campaign spending of candidates. We provide special training for some children with various learning disabilities. Our taxes are graduated based on income. There are literally hundreds of venues where there are attempts to provide fairness. Some efforts are good, while some are open failures. People clamor for ways to level the playing field of their interest. Some are trivial like the golf club member pleading to change the handicap system, or some are very consequential like the poor one-parent mother of five asking the school for special tutoring.

We have everything from sincere valid requests for fairness to the attempt of some to create an unfair advantage for themselves or their group. Nonetheless, on the surface most of this type of thinking is commendable. However, we look at God’s way of doing things and believe we see something that is not equal for all. We conclude that this cannot be from God. It is not fair as I see fairness. Furthermore, those who accept such beliefs are bigots. Men interpret many things in God’s Word to be unfair. One of those things relates to the circumstances of one’s life, perhaps the circumstance is your particular religious indoctrination since childhood. It is unfair because if it is not the truth you had little choice. It may be a sin you believe a person through no fault of his or her own cannot control.


American justice can confuse you in relation to God’s justice. American justice tends to be enabling. The law in its zealous desire to be fair allows many serious criminals various means of escape and crafty lawyers take advantage of the many “loopholes.” The lawyers are just doing their job in allowing criminals to be found innocent or receive small punishments. Yet they will also be held to a higher law. Right remains right in the law of God even if human laws are faulty.

People insinuate they are more equitable than God appears to be. It is why I emphasize understanding God. God is fair, infinitely fair. His justice is perfect. God will not look on you as a concerned person wanting equality for all, but the exact opposite, being one who rejected the truth. Honestly, there is a lot of insincerity that is part of a “looking good” mentality. You may fool men as you work so hard at “looking good” in the area of “fair play,” but you will not fool God! He is telling you that if you truly are concerned about others, then place your trust in Him. That begins when you become a child of God. It continues with your everyday commitment to Jesus as Lord of your life. Now being a child of God, you can really help people in providing what they need. In the process, you may very well “not look good” to men but in God’s eyes you will be pleasing.
Although the understanding you have of God may not be good enough to grasp it, God actually leveled the playing field without exception, without partiality, regardless of rich or poor, male or female, Jew or Gentile, by providing His Son.
Look at this verse and understand God is concerned about fairness. That fairness is related to your final success or failure in life and not to correcting the many injustices of the world. Those injustices are things that God allows and how you deal with those things plays a role in your personal success or failure in life.

Galatians 3.28

28 There is neither Jew nor Greek, there is neither slave nor free, there is neither male nor female; for you are all one in Christ Jesus.

Anyone can have what God offers! It is true that the playing field may seem terribly unleveled as we look out over what man has done in terms of religious confusion, but God remains the ultimate in equity and the true answer to providing it. In the end you will trust God to provide fairness or you will trust yourself or some other person. The test of your life has to do with trust and where you place it. The trust is much more than some mental acceptance but it is something you demonstrate to God every day. So in summary, you pursue looking good to man or looking good to God.

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