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Catholicism For Truth Lovers

Catholicism For Truth Lovers Is:
Catholicism Is A Man Made Doctrine – All Of It

truth equals no catholicism

Catholicism’s Deadly Medicine

You may begin life and find yourself in a Catholic family. If they have a reasonable devotion to Catholic principles then you may be one who lives and dies the Catholic mystery. Today, few go down that road very far as opposed to the earlier days of Catholicism. Most Catholics know about the early Catholic church and within their hierarchy they refer to things like the inquisition as “unfortunate.” Less know about the terror that carried into the 19th century in certain countries in the world, because it was less obvious. In more modern times the unspeakable atrocities of priests on young children has been devastating and the Catholic church may say “unfortunate.” These are atrocities because of the nature of their acts, but also because they destroy the trust the victims have for authority – it ruins their life’s. The real tragedy is eternal as Catholicism brings the wrong message – it is not the gospel message.
The really huge errors in Catholicism are essentially in everything – in other words Catholicism is diametrically opposed to the word of God.
This is documented throughout Catholic’s Question, Heaven Coach and “What Is Life All About?

God points to the scriptures as the authority for humankind. Jesus indicated the Holy Spirit would guide the apostles into all truth. If you study the word of God this is clear. The page called the word of God can be very helpful in that regard. Catholicism says they have been given the right to make the rules and there is an earthly leader called the pope. They take that from the scriptures, specifically Matthew 16.16-19. Clearly, this is not what is being taught here – see Catholic for an understanding that is consistent with the whole of God’s word. At a time in the old covenant, the people wanted a king like the other nations and God allowed it and it was a disaster beginning with Saul. Men devised this idea of an earthly leader – the Catholic pope and it has easily been the single most destructive doctrine in the history of humankind.
Absolutely no where in the scriptures is such an idea and all the many and complicated doctrines of Catholicism are in opposition to God. The strange part of this is the Catholic disrespect for God’s word except for their use of Matthew 16.16-19 which they hold in high esteem. Unfortunately, they do not understand what is taught in these verses and are really only holding to their private interpretation. The verse is clearly teaching that Peter’s confession of Jesus as the Son of God is the rock on which the church will be built. Jesus will build His church and begins to do so when he adds those who are obeying the gospel to the church in Acts 2.47. There is no Catholic church, no pope, but instead Jesus adds to the church those being saved. Today, people can be saved from their sins the same way as in Acts 2. We have all the things needed to become a Christian here in Acts 2 and indeed all the conversions of the New Testament follow that pattern and there is no pope and no Catholic church. If you look at what the Catholic church is today and what it has been throughout its history it is nothing like the church of the New Testament.
Peter indicated near the end of the new testament record we had been given ALL things that pertain to life and godliness.

2 Peter 1.2,3

2 Grace and peace be multiplied to you in the knowledge of God and of Jesus our Lord,
3 as His divine power has given to us all things that pertain to life and godliness …

So, since there was no pope at this time, no Catholic church they were not in the “All things that pertain to life and godliness.”
The Catholic church was started sometime in the late 2nd or 3rd century (see note below) and built around Matthew 16.16-19, which gave some people the power they sought. Hence, the beginning of the paranoia to keep that power leading to all sorts of outward evil that continues to this day. Gradually, not of their own desire, Catholicism was forced to operate more discreetly in its destruction of the souls of its membership. It is no more difficult to break away from Catholicism then it is to love the truth.

Note: We can be certain about the things revealed, one cannot be certain about human history. I have concluded that the chuch called Catholic had its beginnings somewhere in the 2nd or 3rd centuries. Actually, the falling away leading to many different gospels began in the first century. The first pope was likely named in 606 AD. The characteristics that would eventually become Catholicism such as its pagan nature associated with Rome, its naming of bishops and even the first council were occurring in the 2nd and 3rd centuries. This is not important (to the point of pinpointing dates and events) except to realize the man-made nature of Catholicism and thus how it has no spiritual value.

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