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About Truth In Religion

Catholic’s Question

    Purpose of this Website:


    About Truth In Religion

    There is an incredible amount of religious confusion to the point of discouraging people and even to the point of viewing God and spiritual things as ridiculous. Much of the media portrays religion as a laughing matter and this is done to promote an extreme liberal agenda but religion itself brings much confusion with its in-fighting and hypocrisy. The Internet is filled with thousands of people providing every possible view of life. It is overwhelming. Eventually people come to believe quite naturally that there is no truth or that everyone is right – do what you want, live like you want. The truth is still there and the only question is will you find it and is it important to be found. Your strength is your desire to find the truth and act accordingly. The truth is as mentioned very simple but overcoming your current indoctrination will be the challenge albeit easy for dedicated, humble truth seekers.

    This Website Reviews Many Religions in addition to Catholicism

    This website is about all religions but Catholicism is the title selection because Catholicism is very essential to understanding religions in a general way. There will be pages and/or posts on most religions and they will discuss subjects like Islam, Mormonism and could be titled Muslims question or Mormons question. Note, it is always Question and not Questions. This is because the site is not about the secondary issues of religion or religious groups but the primary question (however, I will address such issues as they come up or as requested, or as I deem helpful for understanding). THE Singular essential, bottom-line QUESTION is always, “Is this the true religion, that is the one connected to the Creator.” You know, the one that really has long-term, eternal value. Maybe it does not matter which, if any religious group you follow. Maybe all religions are seen as acceptable to God, maybe there is no God. We will get to the bottom of this and it will be simple and understandable and it will all fit together.
    Now, here are the premises that will be used:

    1. If there is a God who could create “all this” and He if wanted to communicate with man He could do so and in a way that men could understand.
    2. The second premise is that if God created all this, He had a purpose. So we will want to discover His purpose and find His communication.
    3. The third premise is that God would not make His communication difficult and that will be a clue in helping us determine its validity.

    The Most Amazing Thing

    The most amazing thing in terms of what will affect you more than any other thing in your life is as follows:
    People would rather be right than to know the truth. This is exactly why there is so much confusion in religion. We all think we are right – few can prove their religious belief, but they can point to someone who has the evidence. Indeed in religious matters there is faith and one has faith in one belief and another has faith in some other belief. Usually what they have faith in is what some person taught, usually fabricated to various degrees. You are uniquely responsible for your soul and therefore need to understand what you believe. If you think it is too complicated it is because someone, some group has you convinced you cannot understand. The truth is the religion of men is complicated, but that which comes from God is simple for those who love the truth.

    Stating The Catholic Question

    So back to the Catholic Church, as mentioned they get to go first. The prime question for Catholics would be:
    Is the Catholic Church what God intended and thus “The One True Church” or is it man-made. If you think this is going to be difficult you would be wrong. One thing you will find out is that there is truth and it is simple. So many of the things fought over in religion are not relevant to the “big picture.” An extremely simple, straightforward answer to the claims of the Catholic Church is found at this page


    Love/Hate With Graphics

    Pictures enhance the reading experience and I love this but pictures can depict things that are not true or debatable as in the case of religious scenes. I decided to use religious graphics to help with understanding while providing this disclaimer or warning that the pictures are not the teaching but the view of some person skilled in art.



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